Maria nila x Nordens Ark

Maria nila x Nordens Ark

As a part of The Friendly Year, we are collaborating with Nordens Ark, a private non-profit foundation that works to ensure endangered animals have a future. They are engaged in conservation, rearing, research and training, as well as raising public awareness of biological diversity.

We will particularly follow Maria Nila’s new butterfly greenhouse and environmental restoration projects. Joins us as we follow the progress throughout out the year!


We checked in with our friends at Nordens Ark at the beginning of the year to catch up on all the progress.

Butterfly restoration greenhouse

Groundwork has been done for the butterfly greenhouse that will become the “Maria Nila Butterfly House” and home to endangered species. Preparations are under way, with equipment for the facility being purchased.

Since butterfly eggs needs to hibernate at about -4 degrees Celsius, regular freezers won't work, but they have now found a special solution – a freezer originally intended for storing caviar seems to be perfect for butterfly eggs as well!

Flower meadows

Nordens Ark have identified suitable areas to restore as part of a project to take care of the critically endangered Chequered Blue butterfly. The Chequered Blue butterfly thrives in dry locations with lots of sunlight, so they are now clearing the areas create a new and sunny home for the butterflies.

Nordens Ark have also planted Red Clover, Meadow Sweet, and Grey Fescue in large planting boxes in preparation for sowing wildflower meadows.


As we’re getting closer to spring, our friends at Nordens Ark shares the latest updates on our projects.

Wildflower meadows

Nordens Ark have begun to sow a rich flora of close to 30 native flowers in one of the meadows they prepared during fall and winter. They stand ready to water the meadows during dry periods and we’re looking forward to seeing all the flowers germinate.

Maria Nila Butterfly House

Nordens Ark are also awaiting the new greenhouse that will become the "Maria Nila Butterfly House” and construction will begin in the spring. The clouded Apollo butterflies, one of the endangered species that Nordens Ark works with, will hopefully start to hatch in the next two weeks. When the time comes, these will be moved into the their new butterfly house.


Now the spring sun is finally warming up, and Nordens Ark has begun the construction of our 60 square meter Maria Nila butterfly house. Inside here, some of the critically endangered butterflies will be bred to later be released into the wild.

One of the species that will be present in the house is the Mnemosyne butterfly. In recent days, eggs have started hatching, and so far, over 900 larvae have hatched! These larvae will then be released into the wild.