Hair Products for Damaged Hair

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Products for damaged hair

Maria Nila has hair products for damaged hair that can help save extremely damaged hair. The Structure Repair range helps repair damaged hair and includes repair shampoo, repair conditioner, hair mask and finishing hair treatment as well as a leave-in conditioner. In the True Soft range there is also a hair oil that moisturizes and softens damaged and dry hair. Maria Nila's hair products are vegan and have CO2 compensated packaging.

Shampoo for damaged hair

The repairing shampoo Structure Repair Shampoo is made for you with damaged hair. The shampoo is great if you feel that your hair has been damaged as a result of chemical treatments, such as coloring and bleaching. The repairing algae extract ingredient helps hair regain its natural softness, shine and strength. The shampoo also moisturizes and strengthens the hair structure. Maria Nila's Structure Repair Shampoo has a fresh, mild scent of vanilla, rose and jasmine. Several products in Maria Nila's range also come in travel size, for example there is Structure Repair Shampoo in 100ml / 3.4oz which fits perfectly in the toiletry bag so you can treat your hair even on vacation. There are also larger bottles with 1000ml / 33.8oz of Structure Repair Shampoo you can get when you know that it’s your favorite shampoo.

Best products for damaged hair

In Maria Nila's range for damaged hair you will find the best products for dry and damaged hair. The majority of products are part of the Structure Repair series, such as the conditioner called Structure Repair Conditioner, the hair mask Structure Repair Masque and the finishing hair treatment Structure Repair Booster Masque. The range also includes the community favorite leave-in conditioner called Structure Repair Leave In Cream. All products help repair your hair and are recommended as part of your hair care routine. After double shampooing, you should apply the hair mask, which should sit in the hair for 5-10 minutes before rinsing, and then use the conditioner as the last step. If you're short on time, the Booster Masque gives you softer and shinier hair in 3 minutes without the need for conditioner and hair mask. When you have come out of the shower and your hair is towel-dried, you can apply Maria Nila's leave-in cream for damaged hair, which provides nourishment and moisture to the hair, as well as acting as a heat protectant. The product also repairs split ends and should not be rinsed out. You can either use the hair products for damaged hair daily, with every hair wash or only during some of the weekly showers. Another product for dry and damaged hair is Maria Nila's hair oil True Soft Argan Oil, which moisturizes and strengthens the hair. The hair oil also gives shine, makes the hair silky smooth and reduces frizz. It is applied to towel-dried or dry hair in the lengths, from the middle of the hair to the ends. It is easily absorbed and does not weigh down the hair. Maria Nila also has a travel sized argan oil that you can conveniently carry in your bag and use when your hair needs it.

Top 3 tips for damaged hair

  1. Cut off the split ends. You might think it's a good idea to skip cutting the ends, in an effort to maintain length if you want long hair. But in fact, there is a risk of the hairs breaking even higher up, as split ends tend to split even higher up the hair strand over time.
  2. Avoid exposing your hair to chlorine. The chemical often found in swimming pools can turn blonde or bleached hair green and it also dries out the hair, which is not good for already damaged hair. To protect your hair from the chlorine, you can put your hair up so that it is not in the water or you can soak your hair in fresh water before you go in so that the hair strands cannot absorb as much chlorine water.
  3. Use hair ties that are gentler than traditional elastic hair ties. Many choose to put their hair up when it is damaged so it doesn’t show as much. If you then use traditional hair ties, it can do more harm than good, as they can pull the hair so that it falls off. Use so-called spiral coiled hair ties or silk scrunchies instead.

Hair products for other hair types

Maria Nila offers hair care products for all hair types, such as:
  • Hair products for blonde hair. The Sheer Silver range contains violet pigments and blackberry extracts that neutralize yellow and orange tones in blonde hair, as well as warm tones in dark hair. The products for blonde hair add shine and strength to the hair, are nourishing and do not dry it out, as many other silver products do.
  • Hair products for colored hair. For those who have colored hair, Maria Nila's Luminous Colour range is recommended. The products contain the pomegranate extract and Color Guard Complex, which protect the hair from UV rays and free radicals, and reduce color loss caused by washing and using hot styling tools.
  • Hair products for frizzy hair. If you have frizzy and naturally dry hair, Maria Nila's True Soft range suits you. The products in the hair care line are also suitable for those with curly hair, as curly hair often needs a lot of moisture. The True Soft series includes, among other products, moisturizing shampoo and moisturizing conditioner.
  • Hair products for oily hair. If your hair looks greasy right after you have washed it, it can be due to an over production of oils or product residues in the hair and scalp. To get rid of oily hair, you can use the Eco Therapy Revive range. Products like Maria Nila's detox shampoo clean your oily hair in a gentle way, and restore the balance in the hair and scalp. With the help of micellar technology, your hair is cleaned effectively without feeling dry.
  • Hair products for straight and flat hair. For those with straight and flat hair, the Pure Volume range is recommended as it gives long-lasting volume. Products such as volume shampoo and volume conditioner contain ProvitaminB5, which moisturizes, strengthens and creates extra volume for your hair. When styling, you can use Maria Nila's volume hair mousse, which gives your hair a natural and fuller look without a strong hold.