Hair Mousse

Maria Nila has two different hair mousse. The volume mousse is a nourishing hair mousse that gives long-lasting volume and reduces static hair while the styling mousse gives structure, hold and shine. All haircare from Maria Nila is vegan and have CO2 compensated packaging.

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​​Vegan hair mousse

Maria Nila has two different hair mousses. The Volume Mousse is a nourishing hair mousse that gives volume and reduces static hair, while the Styling Mousse gives structure, hold and shine. Like all hair products from Maria Nila, our hair mousses are vegan, free from sulfates and parabens and have CO2 compensated packaging.

Maria Nila hair mousse – volume mousse and styling mousse

There are different types of hair mousse depending on the result you want and with Maria Nila's hair mousse, you can easily style your hair. Our Volume Mousse gives volume to the hair and Styling Mousse is a great product to use when styling the hair. The hair mousse is easy to brush out and doesn't leave your hair feeling sticky. A styling mousse makes your hairstyle last much longer. For example, if you curl your hair after applying styling mousse to your hair, they will last much longer. It is also non-sticky and very easy to brush out. The Styling Mousse is available in a larger size and a smaller travel size, perfect to bring on vacation. Maria Nila's volumizing hair mousse adds volume, hold and shine to the hair. The Volume Mousse is part of our haircare collection called Pure Volume and is a product that is great to use on thin and fine hair.

How to use hair mousse

The hair mousse should be applied to damp hair, preferably towel-dried hair after you have washed it. Before using the hair mousse, it is important that you shake the bottle well so that the mousse becomes airy and gives the best effect. Then hold the bottle vertically upside down and apply to damp hair before blow-drying, alternatively let it dry on its own. If you blow dry your hair together with a round brush after applying the mousse, you will get a stylish hairstyle with volume that will last a long time.

Best hair mousse for volume

Both of our hair mousses have been named the best hair mousse in various expert surveys. In a survey, the Volume Mousse got the review: "This product gives lots of nice volume without weighing it down and gives the hair both shine and luster. The scent is also absolutely wonderful and the result is nice regardless of whether you use a hair dryer or let your hair dry on its own. It doesn't feel the least bit sticky or "dirty" like with some other hair mousse, and in addition, the hair doesn't feel rough or brittle. Your hair becomes strong, full and soft while counteracting static electricity.