We welcome you to the very heart of Maria Nila – our factory – where we develop tomorrow’s hair care. 

Located in the south of Sweden you will find our own production plant. Here we have ‘The Innovation Room’, the laboratory where our chemists are formulating and developing new products. You will also find our teams working with trend forecasting and sourcing of new ingredients, as well as ‘The Beauty Studio’ making way for creativity and education of great hairdressers.

This beauty hub also houses our filling stations who compile newly produced vegan products and a warehouse that is making sure our products make their way to you and salons worldwide.  

By driving and owning the entire process from concept to finished product, we can guarantee and take responsibility for healthy working conditions. This control of the production also allows us to ensure that we follow Good Manufacturing Process (GMP), so that you can trust that we work with the highest quality formulas.

Because there simply is no room for cutting corners when producing excellent haircare. The customized factory designed to produce sustainable beauty has features like a roof covered in solar panel, a recycling system for the production’s water supply and a circular air condensation equipment. This means that our beauty hub has the capacity of producing 5000 products per hour, while still generating less energy and emissions per produced unit than ever before.

This takes us one big step further to becoming climate neutral in every part of the product lifecycle and making friendly and vegan beauty available to you.