Hair Styling Products

Maria Nila’s hair styling products are vegan, come in CO2 compensated packaging and made with ingredients carefully selected by our chemists. Here you will find all hair products you need to get that perfectly styled hair – from hairspray and hair mousse to products like sea salt spray and hair oil. Discover all our hair styling products!
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Hairstyling for more beautiful hair

At Maria Nila you'll find everything to do with hairstyling, from hairspray and hair mousse to hair wax and saltwater spray. Our large range of hairspray has different properties depending on how you wish to style your hair. If you want to fix your hairstyle so that it lasts all day, you should use nutritious Finishing Spray and Extreme Spray which provides control and fixes your hairstyle. Our Styling Spray is a soft hairspray that adds shine and reduces frizz. Suitable for when you want to create a long-lasting hairstyle and also for use with curlers. If you're looking for more volume in your hair, you should apply Volume Spray to towel-dried hair. For volume you can also use our hair mousse which is a popular styling product as it provides good control and can be used on all hair types. Here at Maria Nila you can choose from styling mousse which provides structure and shine, and volume mousse which protects against heat, reduces static electricity and adds extra shine. For extra volume we also have dry shampoo which can be used as a styling product. Our volume powder for both thin and thick hair gives long-lasting volume. The main ingredient is Silica Silylate which gives the impression of thicker hair. Our vegan hair cream curlicue cream is designed for curly hair, emphasizes waves and curls and protects against humidity. We also have a styling cream which is suitable for all hair types, provides structure and natural stability. If you have thin, straight hair and want to create summery waves, our saltwater spray is ideal. This has become a popular styling product as it provides structure and the feeling of having bathed in salt water. Check out these three different products for different hair types: Salty Mist, Ocean Spray and saltwater cream for curly hair. Hair wax is a fabulous hairstyling product, helping you style and shape your hair just as you want it. Wax is suitable for both men and women and here are three different types of harder wax, especially suited to short hair. Our range also contains hair wax for medium length and long hair.

Style your hair with Maria Nila's hair styling products

When you choose Maria Nila's hair styling products, you are choosing completely vegan hair care without sulfates or parabens. Our styling products are vegan and in climate compensated packaging. Our mesh beauty bags are made of rPET which is recycled PET-bottles. All Maria Nila's products are produced in Sweden and carefully selected by our chemists. Many of our popular hair styling products are also available in travel size, so why not take the opportunity to get both hair spray and hair wax before your travels.