Hair Products for Straight & Flat Hair

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Products for straight hair

Among Maria Nila's hair products for straight and flat hair, you will find products that create volume in the hair. Here you can find everything from volume shampoo and volume conditioner to hair styling products. For those who have straight and flat hair, we recommend the Pure Volume range, which contains volume products for hair washing as well as a volumizing hair mousse. All Maria Nila hair products are vegan and come in CO2 compensated packaging. Discover the range!

Best products for straight hair

Straight and flat hair can look lifeless and be in need of a volume boost. Maria Nila has developed a hair care line that adds volume to the hair with different products that give you the dream volume you've always wanted.

Shampoo for straight hair

Maria Nila has a shampoo for straight hair that gives volume, called Pure Volume Shampoo. This shampoo contains ProvitaminB5 and hydrolyzed wheat protein. These ingredients contribute to the hair looking fuller as the hair strands get moisture and swell up. The shampoo has a high content of effective and gentle ingredients that make the hair feel thicker and fuller, while protecting it against UV radiation and free radicals. The shampoo for straight hair is also available in travel size and in a large bottle that lasts for a long time. There is therefore Pure Volume Shampoo in 100ml / 3.4oz and Pure Volume Shampoo in 1000ml / 33.8oz, in addition to the standard size of 350ml/11.8oz.

Conditioner and hair mask for straight hair

There are a variety of volumizing products that can be used if you are unhappy with your straight and flat hair. The first step is to use the right products when you wash your hair. This lays a good foundation for you to achieve the result you want, which in this case is all about getting volume in the hair. In addition to shampoo, it is a good idea to use the conditioner called Pure Volume Conditioner. Before applying the conditioner we recommended you use a hair mask from the same series called Pure Volume Masque. If you want, you can also combine the products from Maria Nila's hair care lines as you wish.

6 products to style flat and straight hair

When you have achieved good basic volume thanks to washing your hair with our volumizing products, you can use hair styling products for extra volume. For example, you can use hair mousse, dry shampoo, hair spray or hair volume powder, to build up even more volume at the roots and to ensure that the lengths gets more body and doesn't stay flat. We have gathered 6 volume products for styling straight hair:
  1. Pure Volume Volume Mousse. A hair mousse from the Pure Volume range that cares, reduces static electricity, protects against heat and gives volume, without giving a stiff hold or structure.
  2. Dry Shampoo 250ml. A dry shampoo that gives strong hold and refreshes dirty hair, while giving a lot of volume. The dry shampoo can, for example, be used for hair styles with hairpins.
  3. Invisidry 250ml. A lighter dry shampoo that quickly refreshes and adds volume to both blonde and dark hair, without leaving visible product residue thanks to its innovative formula.
  4. Finishing Spray 400ml. A nourishing hairspray used to hold hair styles and hairstyles. The hair spray gives a lasting result that can then be easily brushed out.
  5. Volume Spray 400ml. A volumizing hairspray used to build volume before you start styling your hair. It should be applied to the roots of damp or wet hair and then blow dried for best results, leaving the hair with a natural finish without stickiness.
  6. Power Powder. A hair volume powder that gives a lot of volume and has a matte finish. The volumizing powder should be applied to the roots and make the hair feel thicker. The products can also be reactivated throughout the day by massaging your fingers through the areas where it was applied.

Products for other hair types

Maria Nila offers hair care products for all hair types, such as: