Detox Shampoo

Maria Nila's deep cleansing detox shampoo is a shampoo from our Eco Therapy Revive range. This organic detox shampoo is certified by Ecocert and uses a micellar cleansing technique to clean the hair from oil, dirt and product residue while caring for both hair and scalp. Like all our hair care products, the detox shampoo is vegan with climate-compensated packaging. Use with a detox conditioner from the same hair care line, or mix and match the ranges.
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Deep cleansing detox shampoo

Benefits of a deep cleansing detox shampoo

A detox shampoo is a natural shampoo free from strong substances that weigh down your hair. Residue from chemical ingredients can negatively affect hair, which is why you might want to choose a shampoo without ingredients such as sulfates, parabens, heavy metals, and silicones. A detox shampoo has a cleansing effect and washes these substances away from the hairs. This in turn allows your hair to get more volume and a new healthy feel. Maria Nila's deep cleansing detox shampoo is a sulfate-free shampoo that is also free of parabens. The shampoo is from our hair care line Eco Therapy Revive, which deeply cleans the hair from dirt, oils and residue from hair styling products while caring for both hair and scalp – making it great for greasy and oily hair. Eco Therapy Revive shampoo has a floral scent of green cucumber, peach, and pear. This shampoo also contains restorative plant-based proteins and has a micellar cleansing technology, which means that the molecules easily absorb dirt and product residue without striping the skin and making the scalp feel dry. The detox shampoo comes in two sizes, 350 ml / 11.8oz and a smaller version with 100 ml / 3.4oz, perfect to bring with you on vacation or in your gym bag together with our other travel size hair care products.

Maria Nila's detoxifying shampoo is Cosmos Organic certified by EcoCert

Maria Nila's Eco Therapy Revive is certified Cosmos Organic by Ecocert. A beauty care product can only be Cosmos Organic certified if a minimum of 95% of the plant content is organic and at least 10% of the total ingredients are organic. They must also not contain any genetically modified substances. The products must not be tested on animals and the packaging must be recyclable, which applies to all Maria Nila products. Wash your hair twice if your hair doesn't feel really clean at first, after a few washes your hair will get used to a natural shampoo that makes your hair healthier and gives more balance to your scalp. Like all products in the range, Maria Nila's detox shampoo is vegan, which means that it is not tested on animals or contains any animal ingredients.

The hair detox shampoo is part of a series

The Eco Therapy Revive series includes several products that are perfect for combining with our detox shampoo Eco Therapy Revive Shampoo. Maria Nila's detox conditioner Eco Therapy Revive Conditioner is a caring conditioner with botanical proteins and Aloe Vera extract that repairs, moisturizes and makes hair and scalp soft. Your hair is left with a smooth feeling without weighing it down. You can apply the conditioner to freshly washed hair and use our hair mask in the same series. Eco Therapy Revive Masque is a caring hair mask that moisturizes and softens the hair. Plant-based proteins and Aloe vera extract are ingredients that have a repairing effect, reducing dry and frizzy hair while leaving the hair silky smooth. Our detox series is therefore excellent to use when you want to moisturize your hair and reduce static electricity. Use all the products in the Eco Therapy Revive series for healthy and strong hair.