Dandruff Shampoo

Maria Nila's Head & Hair Heal shampoo is a shampoo for dry scalp from our Head & Hair Heal collection. Thanks for its soothing properties, the shampoo is great for itchy scalp and if you have dandruff. The shampoo is gentle on extra sensitive skin and contains calming Aloe Vera that moisturizes the hair and scalp.

Like all our hair care products, the shampoo for dry scalp is vegan with climate-compensated packaging. Use with a conditioner for dry scalp from the same hair care collection, or mix and match with others.

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Maria Nila anti-dandruff hair care

Our Head & Hair Heal collection offers hair care products that are soothing and strengthening, great for dry and itchy scalps or if you are suffering from dandruff. The collection is complete with a shampoo, hair mask, and conditioner each available in various sizes. Our shampoo for dry scalp is available in several different sizes: Large, standard, and travel-sized. If you already know the collection works well for your hair, opt for the large size. That way, you’ll know you won’t be running out any time soon. The handy travel-sized bottle is perfect for your next trip. Our Head & Hair Heal shampoo is much more than just a shampoo for dry scalps. It soothes, cleanses and balances the scalp. And all without sulfates or parabens, of course.

Vegan shampoo for dry scalp from Maria Nila

At the heart of each of our products is our love for animals, which is why everything we make is 100% vegan. None of our products are tested on animals or contain any animal-based ingredients. Our team carefully selects each of the plant-based ingredients we use in our products. Our vegan shampoo for dry scalp contains Piroctone Olamine and natural Aloe Vera extract, and can be used if you have scalp problems like dandruff. Vitamin E, Apigenin, Oleanolic Acid and amino acids work to stimulate the follicles to strengthen the hair.

Shampoo for a dry scalp

Dandruff is a common condition that causes small white flakes to form on the scalp. Dandruff can occur on dry and greasy scalps. For people with greasier scalps, the small flakes often remain stuck to the skin, while for people with drier scalps, the flakes typically disperse throughout the hair and down onto the shoulder area. Dry scalp dandruff is very common in the winter months when the air is drier, causing the skin to lose moisture. - Though our Head & Hair Heal shampoo is perfect regardless of the type of dandruff you have, it is particularly soothing to those with drier scalps and sensitive skin. When applying, massage the shampoo deep into your scalp, rinse it out, and then follow with our dandruff hair mask and conditioner.