Touch Up Blonde Touch Up Blonde

Touch Up Blonde

The TOUCH UP BLONDE concept is created for hairdressers, so you can offer fast and effective treatments between the full balayage and foil treatments. By offering a touch-up blonde service, your customers will come to the salon more often for a faster service and will maintain their perfect looks, win-win both for you as a hairdresser and for your customer. After TOUCH UP BLONDE, you will have something unique to offer your customers!

The course starts with an overall introduction to the MARIA NILA BLEACH COLLECTION and then moves on to our professional touch up blonde techniques. By the end of this course, you will have the chance to try all techniques on a mannequin with guidance.

Work smart, not hard

To book: All Maria Nila courses are booked through your sales representative. All courses are aimed at educated hairdressers and professional salons.

What to bring: Tail comb, clips, brushes & hair dryer.

Cancellation policy: You have the right to cancel your enrollment up to 5 days prior to set course date, otherwise we will charge the full amount. Late cancellation requires medical certificate.