Gift Boxes are back! Gift Boxes are back!

Gift Boxes are back!

As the wonderful season of gift giving is approaching, we are bringing back our community’s favorite Gift Boxes. This is the perfect gift of vegan and friendly haircare with a unique design, ready to gift to either to yourself or someone special.

For this year’s limited-edition Gift Boxes, we have collaborated with the Swedish artist Siri Carlén to explore the connections between scents and visual experiences. The scents of each of Maria Nila’s Care & Style ranges have been interpreted and resulted in six colorful and artistic beauty depots, also made to be reused as storage for your daily beauty favorites or desktop essentials. The Gift Boxes are stocked exclusively at salons and online at

The collaboration

Siri Carlen is a Swedish artist, illustrator and designer who composes fabrics for major interior brands, clothes for celebrities, sculptures for global exhibitions and art pieces for display windows. Siri describes herself as close to obsessed with colors inspired by nature and historical crafts, which also is a part of her interpretations behind the design of this year’s Gift Boxes.

“All fragrances appear different; thick, thin, bright or pale. Others have distinct personalities like a wobbly line or a blob. You just have to be playful and have an open mind to see their connected perceptions.”

Siri Carlén on her inspiration behind the creating process.

This year’s Gift Boxes