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The New Maria Nila Factory


In 2018, we broke new ground within sustainable beauty by opening up the doors to our new, innovative factory and beauty hub. By quadrupling the production, we have now increased our vegan, cruelty free and climate compensated assortment that makes it easier for everyone to take a step towards a friendlier world.

Located at the very heart of our organization in south of Sweden, our new beauty hub covers an area of 4500 sqm, meaning a manufacturing capacity multiplied by four. Here operates the whole process from creative ideas to finished products of the rack, meaning that we cover all development processes inhouse. From trend forecasting and resourcing of new ingredients, to chemistry, formula development, filling of bottles and finally storing in a warehouse on their way to salons all over the world.

Our customized factory is designed to produce sustainable beauty on a new level. Features like a roof covered by solar panels correlative to the energy usage of 60 households and a circular air condensation equipment, which allows for the residual heat to be transferred back into the production process, means great energy efficiency that makes the most out of the invested resources. A breakdown in numbers tells that the new beauty hub has a capacity of producing 5000 products per hour, generating less energy and emissions per produced unit than ever before. Thanks to the latest machinery, we now also make it possible for other beauty categories such as skincare, makeup and perfumes to be produced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

With a modern and holistic view on working conditions, we take on a bigger responsibility for our employees by providing a fully equipped gym centre, charging stations for all the company’s electric cars and a 64 sqm plant wall to enhance the air quality indoors, to name a few. Inside the building, the laboratory ‘The Innovation Room’ and ‘The Beauty Studio’ also make way for great creativity to further create upcoming trends, educate hairdressers and develop tomorrow’s haircare products, just like our chemists developed the world’s first vegan wax collection in 2017.

“The areas in this beauty hub are named after pioneers within sustainability and veganism to further highlight our mission of a friendlier world, such as the Watson Conference Hall, named after Donald Watson, the founder of Vegan Society and the one who coined the term ‘vegan’.

– Marcus Wikström, CEO

Stepping into this new era, we further strengthen our long-time partnership with Plan Vivo and Zeromission by investing in climate compensated projects. Planting trees in reforestation projects around the world, accordingly to every product sold by Maria Nila. In summary, our new beauty factory takes us one big step further to becoming climate neutral in every part of the product lifecycle, from raw material to recycling, and positions the brand as groundbreaking pioneer within vegan and sustainable beauty.