Each and every one of us have different hair, thus also different needs when it comes to haircare and hair products. Below, we have summed up a few haircare tips, tricks and routines according to different hair types and different hair problems.

Hair types:

Straight hair

Very straight types of hairs tend to be more resilient, harder to form and often a bit oilier by nature. If this sounds like your hair type, we suggest you try our Pure Volume collection as it includes Provitamin B5 and Wheat Protein which helps to enrich the volume.

To build more body and add volume to the hair we have several products which may help you. We have the Pure Volume Mousse which you can apply before blow-drying. The Pure Volume Mousse gives your hair a voluminous lift and adds body to the hair. We also have the Volume Spray which you also apply before blow-drying close to the roots of your hair. This too will give your hair a lift and build volume. Another blow-drying tip is to mix our Minerals Clay Wax together with some True Soft Argan Oil and then blow try it in. These builds both texture and adds body to your hair.

If you are looking for a solution to use in dry hair, we recommend our Dry Shampoo as it has a texturizing voluminous effect as well as our Power Powder. Our Power Powder is a super effective volume powder that quickly adds volume and builds texture.

Wavy hair 

Wavy hair is a mix of straight hair and curly hair. These types of hair tend to get frizzy quickly.  

To stay clear from frizz, we recommend our Structure Repair collection as it includes Algae Extract and Wheat Protein that helps to rebuild the structure of the hair and retains moisture which gives the hair a long-lasting conditioning effect.

If you are prone to get frizzy hair, we do also recommend you use the our leave in creams, Structure Repair Leave In Cream or Luminous Colour Hair Lotion, as well as our True Soft Argan Oil in the lengths of your hair. They provide moisture to your hair, protects the hair from heat and seals split ends. If you are using a lot of heat tools to straighten or to curl your hair, we suggest you invest in a good heat protection. A heat protector protects the hair from damage by forming a protecting layer around the hair strand, keeping your hair from drying out and splitting your ends. We have two different heat protectors available for you, Cream Heat Spray and Quick Dry Heat Spray.

If you want to make the most of your natural waves, we recommend styling products like Salty MistOcean Spray and Salty Cream to add texture and preserve your natural waves throughout the day. If you want to get the most out of your waves, we recommend you try our Curlicue Cream. Squeeze the product through the hair from root to top to find your natural movement and define your curls.

Curly hair 

Curly hair consists of S-shaped hairs often resulting in voluminous hair. These types of hair are very fragile as each curl is a potential breakage point, and therefore curly hairs are easily damaged. Curly types of hair also tend to be more climate-dependent than other types of hairs.

To keep your curls healthy and strong it is important to keep them moisturised. Collections we recommend are True SoftHead & Hair Heal and Eco Therapy Revive. The active ingredient Argan Oil in our True Soft collection moisturises and revitalises dry and brittle hair making it a perfect series for naturally dry hair. Our Head & Hair Heal contains both vitamin E and Aloe Vera which has moisturizing and healing properties well suited for curls. The Eco Therapy Revive collection is a great collection if you and your curls are consuming a lot of products in the hair. Our Eco Therapy Revive collection is a detoxing series that effectively cleans your hair and scalp using a micellar technique and then balances the hair using botanical proteins and soothing Aloe Vera.   

We recommend using our True Soft Argan Oil, a lightweight oil that absorbs quickly without leaving the hair fat or greasy. Use daily in dry or wet hair for an extra hydration boost. For an extra nutritious boost, we suggest you mix it together with our Structure Repair Leave In Cream.

For styling, we recommend our Curlicue Cream and Styling CreamCurlicue Cream is a nourishing cream that enhances curls and waves, while our Styling Cream is a defining styling cream that adds control and subtle shine to the hair. Both have moisture-retaining properties protecting the hair against humidity.

Kinky hair

Kinky hair has a tightly coiled curl pattern that is often very fragile with a high density. Just like other types of curly hair, kinky hair is very fragile and needs to keep moisturized to not get dried out our damaged. To keep it your kinky hair moisturised we would recommend ourTrue Soft or Head & Hair Heal collection

Containing both Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, our Head & Hair Heal series moisturises and heals both hair and scalp. It also contains Piroctone Olamine and Peptides as active ingredients which helps to balance the scalp by preventing the appearance of excessive bacteria and fungus that causes dandruff. It increases the blood supply to the hair follicles, which stimulates hair growth, and improves the quality of the hair shaft. Oftentimes, curly hairs can be quite thick which can cause the scalp to dry out, be irritated or the lack of air can even cause more severe scalp problems. If this is the case for you, we would highly recommend you try the Head & Hair Heal collection.

Containing Argan Oil, as well as several other plant-based oils together with Shea Butter, our True Soft collection gives your hair a true moisture boost. It moisturises and revitalises dry and brittle hair, reduces frizz, and fights static electricity. Shea Butter also has an anti-inflammatory effect for eczema and dryness in the scalp.   

Additional to this we recommend you apply True Soft Argan Oil daily. Our True Soft Argan Oil is a lightweight oil and can be applied both in towel-dried and dry hair. This means that you can apply it several times throughout the day to keep your moisture levels in order. Our True Soft Argan Oil is now also available in a 30 ml pocket-sized version, perfect to keep in your purse, work bag or workout bag for quick refreshments throughout the day. For an extra nutritious boost, we suggest you mix it together with our Structure Repair Leave In Cream and apply once to twice a day.

For styling, we would recommend our moisture-retaining styling creams, Curlicue Cream and Styling Cream. To define your kinks and curls use the Curlicue Cream and twirl it in with your fingers. If you are looking to form your hair into more controlled updos, ponytails or buns we suggest you use our Styling Cream. Our Styling Cream can also be mixed with Gneiss Wax for a slightly stronger hold. It can also be mixed with our True Soft Argan Oil to create a softer texture or give hold to newly straightened hair.

If you are looking to form baby hairs, we suggest you use Slate Wax. Slate is a quick-dry wax with a strong hold and a light shine. The wax is easy to apply thanks to its creamy formula. Emollient vegetable oils make up a hydrating formula that protects the hair from becoming dry while carnauba wax creates a firm hold. The strengthening plant-based proteins will give dry and frizzy hair a moisturised and smooth result.

Problem areas:

Greasy hair

To prevent your hair from getting greasy we recommend you opt for our Pure Volume collection or Eco Therapy Revive collection. The Pure Volume collection enhances volume, making the hair swell and thus looking fuller while the Eco Therapy Revive collection gives your hair a full detox, balancing both your hair and scalp. Make sure to shampoo twice to really cleanse the hair between the cuticles of the hair and not only on top of the hair.

Additional to that, we recommend you to lightly apply our Cleansing Powder in the roots of your hair both to prevent it from going oily throughout the day, but also to “save it up” when it already have started to become a little bit greasy. Other good options to prevent greasy hair is our Invisidry Shampoo as well as our Dry Shampoo.   

A reason behind greasy hair that you may not think about is that you may be over-washing your hair, washing it every day. It may be hard to stop if that is the case but do try – you will thank yourself in the long run. If you are currently using a shampoo and conditioner with sulphates, the hair and scalp may be stripped of all its natural balance which can cause the pores in your scalp to overproduce oils and then lead you to over-wash your hair. If you then switch to a shampoo and conditioner without sulphates (all Maria Nila products are free from sulphates) it will take some time for your hair to adjust and balance as it is used to be over-stripped. After a while, your hair and scalp will balance and the feedback that we get is that people switching over to a non-sulphate washing routine no longer need to wash their hair as often as they did before. 

Frizzy and damaged hair

Frizzy hair can occur when you have exposed your hair to damaging chemical treatments like bleach, permanent or permanent colour, to heavy usage of heat tools or just extreme weather conditions. To repair the hair, we suggest you try our Structure Repair collection as it includes Algae Extract that helps rebuild the hairs structure and strength. Additional to this, we suggest using our True Soft Argan Oil and mix it together with the Structure Repair Leave in Cream and apply daily to keep it from drying out and becoming even more damaged and frizzy.   

Also, always use a heat protector before using heat-tools.


Moisture, moisture, moisture. Dry hair is caused by lack of moisture so if you have dry hair, you really need to work with moisturising treatments and routines. As a washing routine, we suggest the True Soft collection as it contains Argan Oil as an active ingredient. It is very important that you do not forget to include a hair masque in your hair care routine. The hair masque is filled with nutrition and moisture that your hair needs. It is also equally important that you are using conditioner after using the masque to close the cuticles and lock the moisture inside your hair.   

Additional to this, we would suggest using our True Soft Argan Oil and mix it together with the Structure Repair Leave-In Cream and apply daily to keep it from drying out. Our True Soft Argan Oil is a lightweight oil and can be applied both in towel-dried and dry hair. This means that you can apply it throughout the day when needed to keep your hair moisturized throughout the day.

Dandruff and scalp issues

To get rid of dandruff and scalp issues, we highly recommend our Head & Hair Heal collection. Our Heal collection contains Piroctone Olamine and Peptides as active ingredients which helps to balance the scalp by preventing the appearance of excessive bacteria and fungus that causes dandruff and increases the blood supply to the hair follicles. This stimulates hair growth and improves the quality of the hair shaft.

Keeping the colour

All Maria Nila products are colour preserving containing a colour guard complex. This means that our products are, compared to many other products on the market without this feature, gentler to coloured hair resulting in preserving the colour for a longer period. The best series for you if you have coloured hair is our Luminous Colour collection which contains Pomegranate Extract who prevents colour fading. 

It is important that you do not forget about the hair masque and the conditioner. Apart from adding moisture and nutrition to your hair, they make sure the cuticles in your hair are kept closed which prevents the colour from fading out.

Additional to using our Luminous Colour collection, we recommend you refresh your hair colour by using our Colour Refresh hair masques between your colouring sessions. Our Colour Refresh hair masques are nutritious hair masques containing temporary pigments. By using a Colour Refresh, you can easily refresh your colour at home to keep your salon professional result longer.

Yellow tones

To remain a cool shade, we highly recommend using our Sheer Silver collectionSheer Silver contain violet pigments that effectively reduce the brassy tones while still being gentle to your hair. This means that, unlike many silver products on the market, you can use our Sheer Silver collection for every wash if you desire. Additional to using our Silver collection, we suggest using either our Colour Refresh Pearl Silver or Colour Refresh Cool Cream.

Heavy usage of styling products

Heavy usage of styling products can cause build up to the hair. If this is the case for you, it is important that you always wash your hair twice with shampoo. The first wash will get rid of the residue of styling products on the surface of your hair. The second wash will get rid of the dirt and grease inside your hair.

Secondly, we recommend you try our Eco Therapy Revive collection as it is a detoxing series using a high concentrate of micellar molecules which effectively gets rid of residue in the hair. Do not forget to use the hair masque and conditioner.

Thanks to the active ingredients Aloe Vera and vegetable proteins, the Eco Therapy Revive masque and conditioner helps balancing the hair and scalp.

We hope that this brief guide has given you a bit of help. If you want even more personalized help or have further questions regarding our product, do not hesitate to reach out to us either by email or through our social medias. 

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And remember, taking care of your hair in the proper way is super important to a healthy and strong hair. Other health factors like a nutritious diet, drinking enough water, getting enough sleep as well as trying not to be exposed to long term stress are also important factors to a healthy hair!