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  1. Little Gray & Little White

    Little Gray & Little White

    On August 7, 2020, the world’s first sanctuary for belugas welcomed their first anticipated guests, Little Grey & Little White. After an epic 6.000 mile journey from Shanghai to Iceland, the two ...
  2. Nomads of the Sea

    Nomads of the Sea

    Like us, the ocean is a living thing. It’s not something you have or own. Sometimes calm, sometimes wild, we have to protect its nature. Protect it for the future. Our summer campaign Nomads of the ...
  3. The Friendly Reader, A race against the clock

    The Friendly Reader, A race against the clock

    60 million years ago, long before man had set foot on the earth, there were 30 different species of Rhinos. Today, there are only five let! Three of them are categorised as "Critically Endangered" according ...