This season we warmly welcome all hairdresser to two digital educational sessions! During these sessions we will take a deep dive into the wonderful world or Colour Refresh as well as invite you to learn more about our brand history and the future of Maria Nila. It is possible to join in no matter were in the world you are and the sessions are completely free of charge.

The Digital sessions:

9th of December, 18.30 CET / 12.30 EST
The Wonderful World of Colour Refresh

An educational session where we invite you to the wonderful world of colour with Colour Refresh. We’ll take you through the basics about how to use this very versatile part of our product portfolio, share best practices, tips and tricks as well as special recipes. 

Click on the link below to sign up:

15th of December, 18.30 CET / 12.30 EST
Maria Nila the Brand - the journey towards a friendlier beauty industry.

We invite you to hear the story about how Maria Nila came to be and how the passion and belief behind our brand values came to grow into a bigger mission of reshaping the beauty industry and making it more friendly. We’ll tell our story, where we are now as well as give you a small sneak peak into the future. 

Click on the link below to sign up:

We hope to see you there!

If you have any questions or if you have any problem signing up, please contact us at: [email protected]