Just like there is a skincare regime, there is an equivalent to haircare as well.

A shampoo´s main jib is to cleanse your hair from dirt, oil, and residual products. Use the shampoo twice before heading on to step 2. The answer to "why twice?" is simple. The first time normally cleanses the outer layer of the hair. The second time opens up the hair which enables nutrients to enter the core of the hair. So think of the shampoo as the cleanser.

Step 2: The MASQUE
The masque is packed with nutrients and its main task is to restore the health of the hair. What kind of mask you need depends on your hair type. All Maria Nila hair masques have a pH of 5-5.5 which is the natural pH level of your skin and hair. We would recommend for the masque to stay in for a minimum of three minutes and up to 20 minutes (if you need a real boost).

Step 3: Conditioner
The conditioner should always be used the last. There is a misconception that goes: 1. Shampoo 2.Conditioner 3.Masques. Conditioner is always (or at least should be) used the last since is closes the nutrients into the hair and protects it. So, the shampoo opens up the outer layer, the masque goes in with all the goodies your hair needs and the conditioner finally closes the outer layer so that everything stays in ans strengthens your hair.
Easy peasy!!

So the next question is probably "which masque should I use?". A valid question since we are all different creatures with different needs. In order to get the most out of your masque, you must know your hair type:

Our Recommendations:

- Normal hair: Luminous Colour Masque
- Dry or wavy/curly hair: True Soft Masque
- Damaged or chemically treated hair: Structure Repair Masque
- Dry/dandruff/sensitive scalp/hair: Head & Hair Heal
- Thin/flat hair: Pure Volume Masque

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// Team Maria Nila