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Maria Nila - Revive Launch

Colour Refresh BRIGHT COPPER Bright Copper has been developed to bring out the copper tones. Learn more

Maria Nila - Revive Launch

Colour Refresh COOL CREAM Cool Cream is developed to give light hair the perfect natural cold shade of blonde. Learn more

Maria Nila - Revive Launch

Colour Refresh DUSTY PINK Dusty pink has been developed to create the perfect effortless, yet colourful, subdued shade of pink. Learn More

Professional hair products from Maria Nila

Maria Nila offers high-quality professional hair care where all products are both vegan and sulphate- and paraben-free. The range includes everything fromshampo and conditioner in various series to styling products and hairwax. When you choose hair products from Maria Nila, you are both kind to yourself and the animals. If you have previously used hair products containing sulphates and parabens, you will most likely notice a big difference when you use Maria Nila's hair products.

Vegan hair care online

Maria Nila is not a common brand in hair care. All hair care products are created based on the love for animals and are both 100% vegan and cruelty free.

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