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Maria Nila - Beauty Bag

More than just a haircare brand

More than just a haircare brand

We are not the usual haircare brand. Our 100% vegan and animal-friendly products are developed out of love for animals, as they should not be part of haircare products. By choosing Maria Nila, you choose cruelty-free, climate friendly and colour protecting haircare produced in Sweden, with carefully chosen ingredients by our chemists. In our range of hair products you find hair care in different series for all hair types. Expect products for your hair wash ritual like shampoo, conditioner and hair masks, you will find hair styling products like sea salt spray and heat protecting spray.
Maria Nila is 100% vegan and animal-friendly hair care. Our sustainable and color-preserving hair care is produced in Sweden, with carefully selected ingredients by our chemists. In our assortment you will find products for all hair types. Everything from shampoo, conditioner and hair mask, to styling products.
Maria Nila - Revive Launch

Blog / Summer Essentials Styling

Summer Styling

We proudly present our Styling Bag, filled with everything you’ll need for the summer. Maria Nilas Styling Bag contains 100% vegan hair care, without sulphates and parabens. This bag will be a must have with you for all summer adventures! Try our styling tips, everything you need is in your Styling Bag.

The newest addition to the popular Beauty Bags, we proudly present the Styling Bag. Filled with all the essentials to guide you through the season and keep you looking great during the warm summer days. By choosing the Styling Bag, you’re choosing 100% vegan haircare without any sulphates or silicone. This bag will be your best friend for all your summer adventures!
Here are three different styles to try out this summer using the styling bag. The high, playful ponytail, the curly bangs and the after beach volume.

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Maria Nila - Revive Launch

Colour Refresh BRIGHT COPPER Bright Copper has been developed to bring out the copper tones. Learn more

Maria Nila - Revive Launch

Colour Refresh COOL CREAM Cool Cream is developed to give light hair the perfect natural cold shade of blonde. Learn more

Maria Nila - Revive Launch

Colour Refresh DUSTY PINK Dusty pink has been developed to create the perfect effortless, yet colourful, subdued shade of pink. Learn More

Professional hair products from Maria Nila

Maria Nila offers high-quality professional hair care where all products are both vegan and sulphate- and paraben-free. The range includes everything fromshampo and conditioner in various series to styling products and hairwax. When you choose hair products from Maria Nila, you are both kind to yourself and the animals. If you have previously used hair products containing sulphates and parabens, you will most likely notice a big difference when you use Maria Nila's hair products.

Vegan hair care online

Maria Nila is not a common brand in hair care. All hair care products are created based on the love for animals and are both 100% vegan and cruelty free.

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