Booking Terms & Conditions  

Basic rules.

These conditions apply to all bookings that are booked with Maria Nila AB's business from you as a hairdresser or salon.  The terms can be continuously updated and vary from time to time.  To make a booking with Maria Nila AB, you must be at least 18 years old and not be under guardianship. 

Maria Nila AB assumes that minors who make bookings / purchases provide truthful information about their age and / or have the necessary consent from their guardian to make the booking / order. Bookings / orders made in another person's name without consent will be reported to the authorities. 


A binding agreement is entered into as soon as your booking / order has been completed and confirmed via email or via us and a booking and - or order confirmation has been sent from Maria Nila to the e-mail address you provided. 

Maria Nila reserves the right to refuse or revoke an agreement on suspicion of fraud, vandalism, forgery or other acts similar to fraud, e.g. suspicion of illegal use of another person's personal data or credit card. 

Cancellation & “No show”.

If payment is initiated at the time of booking, cancellation can be made no later than 7 days before the booked education / course. If you do not come to the education / course at the booked time, a "no-show" fee, corresponding to the cost of the service, will be charged by Maria Nila AB.


All photographs taken and received become the property of Maria Nila and may be used for publicity purposes.

Force majeure.

Strikes, lockouts, fires, epidemics, pandemics, explosions, wars or similar war conditions, significant restrictions on deliveries or other circumstances beyond the supplier's (Maria Nila AB) control, entitles the supplier to terminate the agreement without obligation to pay damages or reimbursement.