Together with our brand ambassador Philip Conradsson and Robert Preston owner of Preston Hair Salon,, we created three easy looks for three different occasions. We started off we an effortless curly and almost beachy look, a great summer look or look for a casual day out with friends. It is also a perfect hairstyle if you want to down dress your outfit to create a more effortless over all look. The second look we created was an every-day elegant hairstyle, a great look both for a dinner party or as an everyday hairstyle to tie together your look. The third look we did was a sleek old school elegant hairstyle, but slightly updated. A perfect hairstyle perfect for a smoking dinner or when you really want to look well put together.

Look 1: Effortless curls

Starting point: We started off with washed hair.
Step 1: Towel dry hair until damp and comb through.
Step 2: Spray Maria Nila Salty Mist to evenly throughout the hair to add texture.
Step 3: Apply Maria Nila Slate and start forming the hair. The wax together with the texture spray allows you to form your hair in desired direction as well as build up the texture by lightly squeezing the formula in to your hair.
Step 4: Continue to form the hair, squeeze up the formula in the hair and blow dry with a diffuser until reached desired result.

Watch styling video here.

Look 2: Classic Every-Day Elegant

Starting point: We started off with a newly washed hair.
Step 1: Lightly spray Maria Nila Styling Spray evenly over the hair.
Step 2: Comb through backwards with desired parting.
Step 3: Apply Maria Nila Slate Minerals Wax by applying it in your hands and then work your way through the hair from the roots to get volume and hold. 
Step 4: As you are working in the wax you shape and form the hair with your hands. If anything falls to much out of place correct it with a comb.
Step 5: Lightly spray hair with Maria Nila Styling Spray again to secure it stays in place.

Watch styling video here.

Look 3: Old school elegant

Starting point: We started off with washed hair.
Step 1: Apply Maria Nila Clay Wax by applying it evenly in your hands and work it from the roots and out. 
Step 2: Take a comb and comb backwards with desired parting (for Philip we went with his natural left sided parting.)

Watch styling video here.