Hand soap

Hand Soap

Maria Nila's luxurious hand soaps come in several different scents – Ginger, Breeze, Meadow, and Bouquet. The soaps are free of sulfates and parabens and 100% vegan and animal-friendly with climate-compensated packageing. Combine Maria Nila's hand soap with a hand cream from the same range, which together leaves your hands silky smooth, and fragrant. Maria Nila also offers hand sanitiser with a pump in the same exclusive design as its other hand care products. The products are produced in Sweden, just like the rest of Maria Nila's different product ranges.

  1. Meadow Hand Soap
    Meadow Hand Soap
  2. Breeze Hand Soap
    Breeze Hand Soap
  3. Bouquet Hand Soap
    Bouquet Hand Soap
  4. Ginger Hand Soap
    Ginger Hand Soap

Luxurious liquid hand soap from Maria Nila

Maria Nila's product range features luxurious hand soap with a pump. The soap from Maria Nila comes in fine climate-compensated packageing, wonderful scents, and gentle formula. Maria Nila's range contains Swedish-made products, which are 100% vegan and free of sulfates and parabens and manufactured in Maria Nila's factory in southern Sweden.

Hand care from Maria Nila is designed to give your hands the best possible care. The selection includes other hand care products that complement the hand soap. The products come in 300 ml pump dispensers for convenient hand care that lasts a long time. For each scent, there is a matching hand cream of the same size and design. In addition to the advantage of everything having the same scent, the packages also complement each other in style and set your bathroom tone. Use everything from the same range and enjoy consistent hand care!

Maria Nila's liquid hand soap comes in the following scents:

  • Bouquet - The scent of beautiful flowers with rose and lily extract
  • Ginger - A unique, fresh scent of lemongrass and ginger
  • Meadow - Fabulous flower scent with extract of camomile and mimosa
  • Breeze – Fresh scent of summer with oxeye daisy and lotus extract

Moisturising hand soap that does not dry out

Moisturising hand soap is always beneficial for prevention for the hands, even if you don't have any problems. If you already have issues with dry hands, it is even more critical. Hands can often feel dried out after washing, especially during the winter months when the air is dry and cold. This is because it is not only dirt and bacteria that disappear when washing your hands. You also lose the skin's natural oils. The hands can become dry, tender, and cracked. In case of severe problems with dry hands, you can replace your hand wash with moisturising hand sanitiser on certain occasions, but the most important factor for avoiding dehydration is to choose a nurturing hand soap.

Maria Nila uses gentle and nourishing ingredients in its hand soap, leaving your hands soft and well cared for after use. Elements such as glycerin help nourish and maintain the skin's moisture content in the hands. Maria Nila has also chosen to avoid ordinary substances in a hand soap that have a dehydrating effect on the hands and instead replaced them with gentler alternatives that clean just as effectively.

We always strive to make products with a luxurious feel and quality that are good for the skin, and our moisturising hand soaps are the result of this. We still recommend using hand cream regularly in case of problems with dry hands, as hand washing always involves a reduction in the natural oils on the skin, even if our soaps are significantly milder than many others.

Hand soap best in a test – The best hand soap

We are thrilled that one of our favourite products is so popular with our customers! Maria Nila Ginger hand soap has been named the best hand soap in the premium class by impartial observers. Some of the reasons were:

  • It's a hand soap that has a highly moisturising effect
  • The soap has a fresh ginger scent which makes the soap feel exclusive
  • It is free from sulfates, parabens, and 100% vegan
  • The skin on the hands feels pleasant and not dry at all after washing
  • The soap feels very gentle
  • Has PETA certification
  • The bathroom smells fresh after use
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