100% VEGAN. 100% RECYCLED.

Have you seen that we just launched a limited edition of colourful beauty bags, made from 100% recycled mesh?
The bag comes in six different styles, each one dedicated to its own Care&Style series.

The sustainable bags are made from 100% recycled mesh and contain four products, shampoo and conditioner, of which two come in regular size and two in travel size. Perfect to keep in the bathroom or for the sustainable staycation, and easy to bring while travelling.  The design of the bags is focused on style and ease, but also sustainability and durability. The choice of using popping colours is to give that extra energy push in everyday life, as well as making it easy to find when keeping it in your bag or the bathroom. The see-through mesh also makes it easy to find whatever you are looking for during your daily routine.

The mesh is made out of PET which is recycled PET bottles. As PET is a popular material, recycling it to create new products is a good way to give new life to already-made products, and it’s also easy to clean and keep fresh. 

Since the bags contain both regular size shampoo and conditioner, and the travel sizes, the beauty bag is quite spacious. As with all Maria Nila products, the bags contain only 100% vegan and cruelty-free beauty, sulphate and paraben free formulas and are produced in Sweden, guaranteeing healthy working conditions and the high quality of ingredients and packaging.

// Team Maria Nila